Wombat Crossing & Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue
About Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue Inc. & Hospital

The main focus is of course wombats. Over 30 years ago, Roz and Kev Holme recognised the plight of the bare nosed wombat. The loss of habitat, road hazards, and debilitating sarcoptic mange have all contributed to the steady decline of the Common or Bare nosed Wombat (Vombatus ursinus).
Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue and Wildlife Refuge is dedicated to rescuing not just orphaned joey wombats but also sub-adults and adults that are in need of medical care whether it be from accident, injury or mange. Along with wombats, they care for many species native animals with the focus being on animals that are in need of more than routine care to get them to the point of release. Roz, who was born and bred into wildlife and is also a trained vet nurse, takes on animals with illness or injuries that may have otherwise been euthanised.
Roz, founder of Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue was awarded the Pride of Australia Medal in 2015
In 2016 Roz was awarded a Pride of Australia Medal for Volunteer of the Year for the Environment. After having spent so long rescuing and rehabilitation native wildlife the work often goes unnoticed – so it’s great to see her being rewarded for doing so much for wildlife, and of course wombats!

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